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Pressure Calibration

Regular calibration ensures the reliability of your pressure measurement results. LCS performs calibration of manometers/pressure gauges and transducers (hydraulic 0 – 70 MPa and pneumatic from -95 kPa to 20 MPa). We also calibrate low pressure ranges up to 500 Pa. With every pressure calibration we perform, our customers receive a Calibration Certificate with all the information you need, including but not limited to:


Temperature and Humidity Calibration

Temperature is one of the most common and widely used parameter in the process industry. Accurate and reliable temperature measurements are made daily in food processing, food storage, medical diagnosis, storage of pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing processes. Therefore reliability of your temperature measurement, like any other measurement, can play a significant role in your process. We do have facilities to:


Electro Mechanical Calibration

For reliable calibration of your domestic or industrial electricity meter /single phase and three phase meter test equipment of electricity utilities – LCS is the best available choice in Sri Lanka since we use automatic test system with a reference standard of 0.05% accuracy level for calibration. Our reference standard has a current calibration traceable to DKD (Now DAKKAS) – The national accreditation body of Germany. Properly calibrated electricity meter will help you to save your money by paying for the exact amount of electricity units consumed by you.


Force Testing Calibration

Now Lanka Calibration Services is accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) to perform calibration of compression testing machines and issue accredited calibration certificate as per ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Our accredited scope of calibration is 250kN – 2000kN.


Balance Calibration

LCS is equipped to calibrate your balance at your site. Balances are normally calibrated at the location where they are being used. A precision weighing instrument shall not be moved the location where it was calibrated. If the instrument is shifted to a different location after calibration, then a re-calibration must be carried out before the instrument can be used again.


Electrical Calibration

For an efficient and reliable calibration of your electrical measuring equipment, Lanka Calibration Services is the choice of those who want internationally acceptable calibrations for their valuable equipment. Our range of services includes calibration of digital/analogue multi-meters, oscilloscopes optical tachometers and many other AC/DC measuring and sourcing equipment. We also perform calibration of digital thermometer indicators by the method of electrical simulation.


Tachometer Calibration and RPM Measurement

At Lanka Calibration, our Tachometer Calibration Services ensure that organizations can take precision rotational (RPM) and surface speed measurements. We calibrate non-contact tachometers that report linear and rotational measurements via digital displays.

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