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Lanka Calibration Services Pvt Ltd, is a well-established accredited calibration laboratory operating in Sri Lanka, being one of the oldest private accredited laboratories in the country. With a vast calibration capability, we are the front runners for performing equipment calibrations and issuing of quality calibration reports around the country.

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Well-established Accredited Calibration Laboratory

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Lanka Calibration Services is accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (SLAB) as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 international standard for calibration laboratories worldwide.

Vast Scope of Calibration

Our accreditation scope covers of vast range equipment in the fields of Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical and Dimension. We are accredited to calibrate many different kinds of equipment used for various industries. To know more about our capabilities, download our scope of accreditation.

Professional and Highly qualified Staff

All our technical staff members are graduates from different prestigious universities in Sri Lanka and around the world

Unbroken chain of Traceability

Our reference standards are calibrated by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited reputed laboratories in Sri Lanka and around the globe and hence traceable to SI units.

Our Customers Include

Organizations in the Hospitality Sector, Research and Development, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Agriculture, Technology, Construction, Power Generation. etc

Health Sector

We cater to all your requirements to calibrate and verify your cold rooms, storage areas and equipment such as centrifuges, Bp meters etc

Hospitality & Travel

Reach to us to get your cold storage’s, ovens, cool cabinets, thermometers calibrated among a vast range of other equipment we can calibrate. We can also perform testing on your portable equipments.

Production & Export

We can perform calibrations and issue accredited reports to fulfil your export requirements and calibrate machines in your productions ensuring smooth functionality of processes.

Research & Export

Our accurate reports and credentials will give your organziation the confidential boost with your developed equipment which require calibration.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

LCS team

Professional Staff Ready to Help Your Business

Rohan Perera

Head of Calibration
MSc in Industrial Measurements
University of Brunel United Kingdom

M Zimaam Nazeer

Head of Operations & Quality Assurance
MSc in Aerospace Engineering University of Salford United Kingdom

Saman Hettiarchchi

Senior Metrology Techologist
BTech (Eng) Open University of Sri Lanka

M T Dilsha Nishadi

Metrology Techologist
BTech (Eng) Open University of Sri Lanka

H K M M Lakmali

Metrology Techologist
BSc University of Colombo

B G P Madushanka Kumara

Assitant Metrology Techologist
BTech (Eng) Open University of Sri Lanka

H P Asanka

Assitant Metrology Techologist
BSc, University of Kelaniya

Vinujan Sri

Technical Cordinator

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